Le Anh Quan – Mot Giay Phut Thoi

As if Mai Thanh Son, Doan Phi, Tuong Nguyen, Tuong Khue and Cardin aren’t wimpy enough, Asia Entertainment added Le Anh Quan, another baby-boy voice, to its male roster. His debut Mot Giay Phut Thoi is a typical Asia’s cookie cutter. Le Anh Quan covers Asia’s songs that have been sung to death like Truc Ho’s “Con Mua Ha” and “Neu Khong Co Em,” Vu Tuan Duc’s “Tinh Da Vut Bay” and “Trang Ua Sao Mo,” and Sy Dan’s “Ngay Vui Nam Ay.” Vocally and instrumentally, none of these tracks stands out. Le Anh Quan’s weak voice and static delivery bring nothing new to the unimaginative productions. Come on Truc Ho, slow down, put some effort into your work and stop releasing these dreadful music.