R. Kelly Doesn’t Work On Spouse

Lat weekend my sister gave me a dozen of American CDs I left at her house before I moved out. Unlike me who tend to throw junks out, my sister keeps everything. She drives me nuts sometimes, but I am glad that she still kept some of these old joints.

I went through the pile of CDs and spotted R. Kelly’s 1993 12 Play, which brought back so much memories even though I never liked the entire album because of the rap tracks. Let’s face it. R. Kelly can sing, but he can’t rap. He made a great choice of abandoning rapping altogether in his later releases. Except for “Sadie,” an emotional dedication to his mother, 12 Play was a booty-call soundtrack, especially with tunes like “Sex Me,” ‘Your Body’s Callin'” and “Bump N’ Grind.”

When I tried to tune my wife into 12 Play, I played one of the hottest hits in the 90s and she told me to turn it off. The bass gave her a headache. While I see nothing wrong with a little “Bump N’ Grind,” she doesn’t seem to “need someone, someone like me to satisfy [her] every need.” I guess that’s how marriage goes!