Secure Contents With VaultPress

My golden ticket for VaultPress has arrived today and I signed up immediately to secure “At The Center of It All,” an active, engaging site for GW School of Business.

The initial intention for “At The Center of It All” was to replace our bi-weekly newsletters, but the site has evolved in such a short period of time. We now post news, events, publications and video on a daily basis. My colleague who is the associate director of media relations is doing a fantastic job of keeping the site fresh all the time.

When we launched the site, I have to use Lunarpages to host WordPress because the University server doesn’t run on PHP & MySQL. Since the University is not supporting us and we’re hosting WordPress outside of the school, I am responsible for the site. Although Lunarpages is hosting both and over eight years without any issue, I don’t want take the risk with the University’s web site.

Now that the site is being backed up by the WordPress experts, I don’t have to worry much anymore if something goes wrong. For $15 a month, peace of mind surely is VaultPress’s most popular feature. VaultPress is a great service and I am sure it will be successful. VaultPress is another reason I am strongly rooting for WordPress.