Sex Addiction

John Cloud points out an interest definition of hypersexual disorder from the proposed APA (American Psychiatric Association):

…you have an illness if you spend so much time pursuing intercourse or masturbation as to interfere with your job or other important activities. According to the working language of the diagnosis, “repetitively engaging” in sexual behaviors when you are anxious, depressed or stressed would be considered a major warning sign for the disorder.

The article goes on explaining several rehab methods including “chemical castration.” To keep your mind off sex, all you need to do is finding something you feel passionate about like blogging, designing web sites or spending time with your kid.

In a more serious note, aren’t most men addicted to sex? We just have different ways of dealing with it. Cheating simply ruins your marriage and marriage doesn’t necessarily go with sex. It took me quite a while to learn that marriage goes more with sleeplessness.