Dao and May

Dao and May hung out again over the weekend. We dropped by Linh’s place on Sunday for the kids to play together. As soon as Dao saw May, he yelled out her name, ran toward her, gave her a hug and kiss. We had lunch and stayed for about two hours before the kids were winding down for nap time. We drove back to m sister’s house and Dao napped.

Yesterday, we met again at The Playhouse Cafe in Harrisburg. Twenty minutes later the kids got bored so Linh suggested that we hit Port Discovery. What an awesome place for kids. There are tons of activities for them to do. I can’t wait to take Eric, my little nephew, to it. I am sure he’ll enjoy it.

We only get to know these cool places through Linh who discovers all these spots for May. The more time we spend with the Linh and May, the more we admire them and the more we enjoy their company. We’re very grateful to have them as friends and definitely looking forward to the future getting together.