Who the Heck is Esperanza Spalding Anyway?

Instead of following the Grammy, we watched For Colored Girls, a film that drags the colored boys to the mud. After the depressing ending, we tuned into the Grammy for a bit and caught Esperanza Spalding beat both Justin Bieber and Drake for Best New Artist. I was shocked that the Grammy was actually getting it right. The award went to real talent instead of commercial success.

I was glad that she won, but I was also speculating that the Bieber’s fans would be quite upset. I headed over Twitter and I could see all the hate tweets flooded. The little Beliebers attack, threaten Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding.

Up until this past Sunday, Ms. Spalding was probably only known to jazz fans. I listened to her 2008’s self-titled Esperanza two years ago. Her singing did not impressed me much, but her bass plucking was as strong as any big man. Her recent work with Joe Lovano on Bird Songs was hypnotizing. Esperanza Spalding is indeed a bass beauty.

Bonjour Vietnam