Today’s Report

Mood: happy, chatty, playful
Enjoyed: story time, outside/gym

Notes and Reminders: “Lots of words, sentences, great coordination kicking and spinning balls.”

Glad to see you’re enjoying your time while away from us. Ms. Ester gave you great complement. She told us that whenever she takes you guys outside, you say car, truck, snow, ice and so on. You know all the name of your classmates as well as the names from another class. She also said that you gave everyone a hug.

This morning, I took you to the new car. You didn’t see the old car so you said “mat xe cu” (old car is lost). This evening, I took you out of the car to go into the house and you said “too lanh (cold).” You have already speaking Vietlish?

Bonjour Vietnam