Student Voices

In addition to my main responsibility, which is maintaining GWSB web sites, I actively update the GWSB homepage with new banners and videos. Keeping the homepage fresh with new contents make my job more engaging. I also work closely with the associate director of media relations to make the GWSB News, which powered by the rock-solid WordPress system, updated constantly.

One of my contributions to the GWSB News is posting videos. Whenever I get video from the Dean or faculty, I edit the clips using QuickTime Pro and post them on YouTube. One of my favorite projects right now is filming and editing the clips for the Student Voices. The Flip is the perfect tool for this project because of its ease of use. The FlipShare, its organizing, editing and publishing software, is so straightforward and intuitive. Within half an hour, I can make a 3-minute decent clip.

I just received a bunch of clips from the students using the Flip and I am very exciting to edit them to be used on the GWSB News. Since I am not doing anything fancy, the Flip allows me to cut to the point of the video.