Talking and Reading

You talk nonstop nowadays. You talk as soon as you wake up in the morning and your first word with your eyes closed is “sua” (milk). You talk throughout the day at school and you talk before you go to bed. Your last word of the day is also “sua.”

Keep yakking away, baby. We take great pleasure in hearing you talk and building up your words. You started out with “xuong” (down). Then you added “xuong lau” (downstairs). Mom was surprise that you could say three-syllable “di xuong lau” (walk downstairs). She didn’t realize, however, that you had already mastered five syllables: “The train is coming.” I am still not sure where you get that from.

Bedtime reading is a bit different now then before. You pull out the book and read to us. You read the pictures instead of words. No wonder you’re a son of a visualgui.