Ms. Ester

Isn’t she a sweet teacher? We’re very glad that she’s your teacher. She’s energetic and very caring.

One morning I dropped you off to the romper room (small indoor playground at school), but you clung on to me and didn’t want to take off your jacket and shoes to join your classmates. She sang you something and both the shoes and the jacket went off. You crawled yourself into your favorite spot.

Another morning, she got about 8 kids in the room with another teacher. You came in, didn’t want to stay and clung on to me. She held you in one arm and made the phone call as the same time to get some help. She often referred to you as “my love” and gave you a kiss on your cheek. Seeing her taking good care of you makes me feel very safe to leave you with her.

Another morning, you were holding a truck in your hand. I asked you to give it to me before we leave the car, but you refused. I let you held on to it. As soon as you see Ms. Ester, you showed her your toy. She asked you to hand it and you did. You had learn a great deal from Ms. Ester who holds a degree in Psychology, worked with special needs children for 15 years and speaks Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew. You’re very lucky to have her as your teacher. Treasure every moment of it, my son.