Doan Trang – The Unmakeup

Was Doan Trang on crack when she revealed her panties at a social event? Maybe. Was she on crack when she recorded her latest release The Unmakeup? Most definitely because a singer in her right mind wouldn’t release such embarrassing work. Seriously, what the hell was she thinking when she decided to make an entire album in English?

Quoc Bao was the original producer for The Unmakeup, but he decided to drop out. “Too busy” was his reason, but the real decision was that he realized the album was going to be a piece of crap. Doan Trang’s English is so horrendous that going through the entire album was such a painful experience as if listening to a cat clawing on the chalkboard. On “My 20s,” her flow is stilted as she tries to pronounce every word correctly. She ruins the beautiful jazz arrangement on “Nocturnal” with her imperfect accent.

Doan Trang, you’re such a cutie and all, but please stop making dreadful music. If this is an American obsession, get some counseling. Get off the white power too.

Bonjour Vietnam