Train Train Train

Sure, you have always liked train, but it has become your obsession lately. We spent hours on Saturday at Curiosity Connection with your buddy May and all you focused on was a red train. We did have a great time though. Co Linh was very sweet. I was in awed watching you and May eat the pretty food she prepared for the two of you. I was also very happy that you and May getting along so well even though you two have complete opposite personality. May ran all over the place and you just glued to the train table.

After saying goodbye to May and co Linh, we went to visit grandma and your cousins. You picked up Eric’s Thomas train and didn’t let go even when you went to bed. Sunday we met up with May and co Linh again at the Hands-on House. You didn’t seem to enjoy the place too much because you didn’t get to take your nap and the place also had no train. After about an hour and a half, you went back to the front desk to play with the little trains that were for sale.

The long week went great until we went to bac Tram’s house for dinner. You misbehaved and didn’t want to eat your dinner. The result was that you got your first timeout. You will get more standing and facing the wall if you keep that up.