Ngoc Quy – Hon Co Mo Xa

Like Tran Thai Hoa, Ngoc Quy has a fine baritone and a taste for pre-war classics. Unlike Tran Thai Hoa, Ngoc Quy is not limited to Thuy Nga’s perfunctory productions. In his new release, Hon Co Mo Xa, Ngoc Quy covers good old standards with fresh, luscious arrangements.

Backing up by Tran Manh Hung’s exuberant semi-classical orchestration, Ngoc Quy gives a marvelous interpretation of Cung Tien’s “Huong Xua.” His effortless flow on the high register displays his vocal ability to sing classical-inflected music. With Doan Chuan and Tu Linh’s “Gui Gio Cho May Ngan Bay,” he maneuvers his way around Luu Ha An’s intoxicating jazz arrangement. His version of Pham Trong Cau’s “Mua Thu Khong Tro Lai” is tender and mellow. The bossa-nova groove adds a nice touch to Le Trong Nguyen’s “Nang Chieu.” The decision to keep the saxaphone to the minimal level when accompanying the vocalist is a wise one.

With its classiness and warm intimacy, Hon Co Mo Xa is perfect for late-night relaxation. So put your kids to bed, uncork a bottle of wine, sit back and enjoy the album with your partner. Let the music and the spirit put all your worries behind.