Truc Lam & Truc Linh – Con Duong Mau Xanh

Truc Lam and Truc Linh’s Con Duong Mau Xanh is a perfect example of how not to make old songs sound new. The Truc sisters try to give Ha Huyen Chi and Tran Trinh’s “Le Da” a fresh makeover with a mid-tempo production. They ended up taking the soul out of the tune. Likewise Do Le’s “Sang Ngang” gets an electric cover that sounds as flat as the sister’s ab. The good thing is that Do Le’s so-damn-depressing lyrics no longer make you want to kill yourself. The beat makes you want to dance instead. As a result, the song is not so miserable after all. The sisters also turned Lam Phuong’s “Thanh Pho Buon” into a happy city with the upbeat production.

One of the advantages of making these sentimental tunes into party jams is to mask the sister’s karaoke singing and limited range of less than an octave. The slow songs like Trinh Nam Son’s title track, Truong Sa’s “Xin Con Goi Ten Nhau” and Lam Phuong’s “Phuc Cuoi,” show that the sister’s are more suitable for baring their skin on videos than baring their soul in the songs. They understand the art of seduction much more than the art of interpretation.