2010 In Retrospect

In another hour and half, 2010 will be gone. While waiting for the countdown, let’s take a quick retrospection.

2010 treated me not so bad at all. Our little family was doing great. It was a wonderful experience to see Dao’s progression from walking to talking to learning something new everyday. It was a joy to see him grows and I am looking forward to even more exciting activities from him next year.

In the tough economy Dana and I managed to pull through. Although I am glad that neither of our job was affected, I hope that we will do even better next year.

As for my work as GWSB, the Unified Web Project was one of the best things that happened at the university. I had a chance to know and work with a group of talented web developers from various schools within GW. I am looking forward to more collaborative effort next year.

Looking back at my own work, I am very proud with the sites I have launched, particularly Sketches of Miles, Le Mekong Vietnamese Cuisine, Julie Tran Law, Easy License Renewal and United Green Solutions. I am looking forward to more exciting projects next year.

So 2011, bring it on.