Marc Ribot – Silent Movies

Guitarist Marc Ribot is a minimalist master. In Silent Movies, he makes every note counts. What causes his solo guitar so damn intoxicating is that he picks only the most telling notes and yet manages to squeeze tremendous emotion out of a single string at a time. The opening “Variation 1” and “Empty” are exemplary examples of Ribot’s spare technique. The setting is so closed and intimate that you get the feeling he is playing right in front of you in a dimmed room. From the striking, finger-picking rhythm on “Delancey Waltz” to the gorgeous, distorted glides on “Natalia In E-Bemol Major” to the beautiful ambient vibe on “Postcard From N.Y.,” Silent Movies is a must-listen if you’re in the mood for some pure, atmospheric, melodic and cinematic soundscapes.