R. Kelly – Love Letter

The Romantic Kelly finally reveals in Love Letter. On the soulful “When a Woman Loves,” R. Kelly pours his heart out as if he recognizes the power of love and not just sex. R. Kelly has been known for his use of in-your-face sexual metaphors in the past, but on the string-ladden “Music Must Be a Lady,” his choice of comparisons are much more elegant: “Music, hello sweet soprano, Miss Music / I want you to meet Mister Tenor.” R. Kelly pays tribute to Michael Jackson with a heartfelt rendition of “You Are Not Alone,” a phenomenal hit he wrote for MJ in 1995. With sweet, sensual, sentimental ballads, Love Letter takes a break from R. Kelly’s freaky business to bring listeners back to the great old souls like Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Sam Cooke and Frankie Lymon.