Phuong Thanh – Nao Co Ai Biet

Who would have known, Nao Co Ai Biet, Phuong Thanh and Duc Tri make a fruitful collaboration? From a producer standpoint, Duc Tri makes a wise decision to record an acoustic album of his own tunes. The intimate setting showcases Phuong Thanh’s rough voice and raw emotion. Accompanied by Duc Tri’s sentimental strumming guitar, Phuong Thanh pours her heart out on slow ballads including “Co Bao Gio,” “Nao Co Ai Biet” and “Khi Giac Mo Ve.” On more powerful ballads, however, Duc Tri gives Phuong Thanh more room to do her roaring. “Ta Chang Con Ai” and “Co Quen Duoc Dau” takes listeners back to Phuong Thanh’s golden days when she stormed the pop scene with her vigorous voice. Nao Co Ai Biet displays the platonic connection between the two musical friends.

Bonjour Vietnam