Bao Han Exits the Building

So Bao Han posted her final letter on her web site. I admit I didn’t read the whole letter because not only the white text on the dark transparent background is hard to read, but also the background music is so damn distracting. She pointed that will get a complete facelift. I hope that the new design will lift off that horrendous use of Flash as well. It took me a minute to find the damn scrollbar. Ok, enough of the web site. Let’s get on with the real deal.

Bao Han has been creating quite a bit of attention around her departure from the music business. She had the spotlight on Paris By Night to say goodbye and the whole farewell tour. I know she has captured quite a bit of fans, but really what will we really miss beside not seeing a skinny chick gets wild on Paris By Night. She has been singing for 18 years and yet not a single song from her impressed me. Her voice and range are paper thin, but what bugs me the most is that she sings Vietnamese as if it is her second language after almost two decades into the game.

Like her BFF Nhu Loan, I will probably miss seeing her on stage, but I doubt that I will miss her singing. Still, I wish her the best of luck in her next endeavor.

Bonjour Vietnam