Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog

I hesitated to purchase Thord Daniel Hedengren’s Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog because the book only covers WordPress 2.8. After spending two hours in the bookstore reading it, however, I bought the book. From helping readers understand the core of WordPress including the syntax and the loop to guiding us through the process of theme design and development, Smashing WordPress is a great resource for customizing WordPress to meet individual project requirements. The downside of Smashing WordPress is that it doesn’t delve deep into a certain topic. For instance, the book only scratch the surface on how to use WordPress as a CMS. So if you would like to build an e-commerce site powered by WordPress, this is not the right book for you. If you need snippets of codes or how to accomplish certain tasks in WordPress, this book is very useful. I sure will have this book by my desk when I need to develop a WordPress site.