Ordering Disorder: Grid Principles for Web Design

In Ordering Disorder, former design director for NYTimes.com Khôi Vinh deconstructs his grid-based design in details. The book begins with the concept to help readers understand the basics of the grid and the mathematical formulae. Then Vinh walks us through the process (research and requirements, wireframe, preparatory design, comps and production) as well as explains the terminology (unit, columns, regions, etc.). The heart and soul of the book is in the execution, in which Vinh illustrates his approach to a real-world project from sketches on paper to the final layouts. The real magic is flipping through the pages and witnessing the contents fall perfectly into the grid. With his own art direction, the book itself was designed on a grid. The texts on one side match up with the illustrations on the other side of the same page is not a coincident.

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