Personal Assistant

Not only you know what you want, but also you know who can help you to get what you want and you do it in the way that is hard to refuse: by holding the person’s hand. Whenever you want milk, you would hold my hand, walk to the refrigerator and say “sua.” Whenever you want to read, you take me to the bookshelf. When you want to go to sleep, you grab mommy’s hand and say “ngu” (sleep). When we go to Bac Tram’s house, you would pull out fish’s food, grab Bac Ky’s hand, point to the fish tank and say, “fish an.” When you want to play with the train under the Christmas tree, you grab Bac Tram’s hand, point to the controller and say “chocho train.” The first thing you wake up in the morning when you’re at grandparent’s house is running over grandparent’s room. You grab grandma’s hand and point to your favorite ginger candy. At your other grandma’s house, you grab her hand and point her to the pomegranate. When it comes to pomegranate, you do not need any personal assistant. You just pick out each piece one by one. When you want juice, you would say “juice” with your lips stick out longer than Angelina Jolie’s.