You Know What You Want

At this stage, you already know what you want. You prefer your milk cold. Last night, mommy warmed up your milk. You took a sip, returned the bottle and said “nong.” Whenever we give you Raisin Bran, you would pick out the raisin from the cereal. With sneakers, you prefer to pick your own even though you only have two choices. In reading time, you come to the bookshelf and pick out the book you want me to read to you. I usually read in English and then quickly translate the text to you in Vietnamese as well. Right now you use both languages simultaneously and I hope that you will maintain your bilingual skills. You sure are a good communicator. You mean “no” when you say it out loud and clear. The best thing you do now is putting away your toys when you’re done. The teachers at the daycare train you well. The thing you still need to improve is brushing your teeth.