The Distance Between My Dad and I

While driving home, Dana said to me, “You and your dad doesn’t have much to say to each other, huh?” I nodded my head agreed.

My dad calls my mom every Saturday morning. Since we were in town, mom handed me the phone and I did the same thing I do every time I talk to him. I asked him about his health and then the rest of his brothers and sisters. After that we just stayed silence and I handed the phone back to my mom. She then passed the phone to Cu Dao so he could say, “Hello Ong Noi” (Hi grandpa).

My relationship with my dad is actually better than ever, but the distance between us physically and emotionally is still far away. Even though the time we spend apart is way too long, he is still my dad and I will do anything I can for him. He never asks me for anything since he must have felt that he has not done much for me. I learn everything about him through my mother. Even after we spoke over the phone, I had to ask my mom about his health and if he needed anything.

Plenty of time I told myself to get over the past and let just pick up where we left off, but then where do we start? We are now living in two different worlds. Will our worlds ever become one again? Will we ever be under the same roof again? Right now I don’t have an answer and I don’t think he does either. We’re just letting time passing us by.