Duke and May Had a Great Time at Longwood Garden

Unlike their first met up at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Dao and May enjoyed each other’s company much more at Longwood Gardens. The weather was gorgeous, the place was not too crowded, and the “twin” (someone asked if they were) hit it off as soon as we buckled the two in the stroller together.

Once May’s mom gave Duke a piece of dry persimmon, he didn’t mind that May was leaning on him. He was just indulging himself with the fruit snack. Whenever Dao is interested in something, he is very focused. When he was playing with the water fountain in the children garden, he was just concentrating on what he was doing all by himself. In the mean time, May was running all over the place and splashing water all over herself. I thought Dao was active, but May was like a bunny energizer. She was interacting, laughing and talking the entire time. Love her smiles and the way she “wow” and “ah” the whole time I was pushing her on the stroller. Even at end of the day, May was still running on spare battery. The shot of her resting on the stroller is priceless. The lil babe was adorable.

Before we headed out, Duke and May gave each other a kiss even though they were both exhausted. Isn’t that so sweet? Thanks to Linh for joining us as well as the dried fruit, pasta and chicken for the kids. Duke was eating the entire time, which was fantastic. It was indeed a great playdate.