Lang Nuong Tay Do

Last Sunday we went to Eden center and decided to check out the grand opening of Lang Nuong Tay Do. We ordered three BBQ dishes, but changed our selection after found out that they do not have license to serve liquor yet. BBQ without alcohol just doesn’t cut it.

We switched to a 2-person meal instead. The deal consisted of 2 egg rolls with generous greens complimentary, sour soup with fatty catfish, caramelized fish in clay pot and a dish of Vietnamese spinach. Not bad for $30 at all. I was starving and tried to clean up all the food. I ended up threw up later on that night. It was my own fault. The food was actually very decent.

When I went up to pay my bill, I asked the owner if he needed a web site. I handed him my business card. As we were chatting his son came up and said, “cool, we needed a web site so bad.” I reply “cool and I’ll be back when you would like to talk about the project.” The owner was eager and asked me how soon I can come back. So I told him I can stop by after work tomorrow.

At this point I was completely forgot about the tips. So I return the next day and gave the waitress her tips and tried to explain to the owner the benefit of having a web site. He has created a niche for his business since we don’t see any Vietnamese BBQ places around here. The web site will allow him to reach customers beyond the Eden community, which is mostly Vietnamese. I explained to him how people could discover his restaurant through Google. I showed him my previous work for Le Mekong Vietnamese Cuisine. He seemed to understand the potential, but when I gave him the rough estimate of the fee, he said he wanted to check with his daughter who was on her way to the restaurant from work.

She arrived half an hour later and asked me if I have a business card. She had to leave in a few minutes. I told her I only needed a few minutes to explain things to her, but I had no chance. I spent an hour and couldn’t get a straight answer.