Still Ill

After a family meal dinner last night at a Vietnamese restaurant, I felt ill. Not sure if it was the fish in the sour soup (canh chua) and caramelized pot (ca kho) or I simply ate too much and too fast. There were quite a bit of food left on the table so I tried to cleaned up everything.

When I got home and got Duke to bed, I was shivering even though I covered myself with a thick blanket and I had a really nasty taste in my mouth. I had to put my hand down my throat and let everything out. Dana scratched my back with a coin and the oil helped calmed down the cold. Made it to work this morning. My stomach is growling but I don’t feel like eating.

Didn’t realize that I forgot to tip our waiter last night until we almost got home. I feel horrible. Thinking of driving back today to tip her. She was very nice, but probable was cursing me out. Sorry lady!