Hot Boy

Yes you, my lil hot boy. You love to throw around the word “nong” (hot) lately. Trying to put you into the bathtub, you’ll say “nong.” Trying to feed you some soup, you’ll say “nong” even though I made it warm. Trying to wash your butt, you’ll also say “nong.”

At night I want to hold you in my arms, but you just stick to your mom like a leech. The other day you woke after an afternoon nap and still hanging to mommy. I walked in and asked, “di tu tu train khong?” You jump over and hang on to me.

It seems like you no longer interested in toys at home. Instead, you find something else to play with. You went into the kitchen cabinet, took out a pot cover, rolled it around the house. You play with anything you could get your hand on except for your toys. I guess we can stop spending on toys. We actually don’t buy much toys for you. Grandparents, aunts and uncles always get something. You’re a lucky boy.