Repackaging Releases

Since Thuy Nga and Asia videos are filmed with pre-recorded materials, they often repackage those tracks and release them on CDs. They kill two birds with one stone and cut out expenses.

Thuy Nga just released Bang Kieu’s Xin Dung Quay Lai with a collection of his lip-sync performances on Paris By Night including “Em Oi Ha Noi Pho,” “Chi Toi,” “Phut Cuoi” “Ban Tinh Cuoi” and “Buon Oi Xin Chao Mi.” If you’re a fan of Bang Kieu and do not watch Paris By Night videos than this album is for you.

Asia recently released Nguyen Khang’s Mot Lan Trong Doi, which featured songs right from his DVD Mua Tren Hanh Phuc Toi such as “Dem Dai, “Thoi” and “Se Hon Bao Gio Het.” The nice thing about the album is that you don’t have to hear the fake clapping and cheering, which gets really annoying on the DVD.

Personally I find these repackaging releases to be a lazy way of making money. If they don’t have anything new, don’t put anything out. I would rather listen to unreleased materials then already-released materials, but I doubt that there are any unreleased recordings in the vault.