Friday Night

Sipping my last glass of Bear Hug‘s rum infusion mango while enjoying Miles Davis’s In Person Friday Night at the Blackhawk. The mango slices inside the bottle are quite bland. I guess the rum sucks all the sweet juice out of them. This exotic flavored rum has been my favorite dessert kind of drink. It has a bit of a sweet taste to it.

It’s now past 10pm and I could still hear Duke upstair playing with his mom. I was going to do some freelance work, but it’s Friday night so I am taking a break. Thinking of calling my good friend up, but might not be a good time. He’s still single and probably out partying right now. He called me the other day, but didn’t get to talk much because Duke was crying. I hope I didn’t scare him away with this married with children lifestyle. I have to take him out for a drink one of these days to reflect on the good old memories. Time has passed us by so quick. Back in high school, there was a girl who liked him, but he didn’t pay no mind because she was like a tomboy. Now her Facebook photos are filled with short skirts and dresses that make her look really weird. I actually think the tomboy look was much nicer, but what do I know? I am getting old. I am wondering how he feels now.

I miss blogging about nonsense. Just write down what goes in my mind and not letting anything getting in the way like grammar, spelling and making sure what I say makes sense. Rum and jazz help tremendously in loosing things up.

What else is on my mind? Oh yeah, I am craving for the old fashion hamburger from The Cheesecake Factory. I could smell that charbroiled, juicy piece of meat. In fact, that’s the only thing I order every time we go to Cheesecake Factory. Of course, a slice of the original cheesecake and a coffee is a must to finish up the meal. Every time I walk out of that place, I either feel tired or sleepy even though I have a cup of coffee in my hand.

What else? Oh yeah, it’s Halloween and my buddy Chris did another wicked theme for Vassar’s homepage. Speaking of Vassar, I really miss the good folks there. We had such a fantastic group. We were like Miles Davis’s all-star band. Everyone had a special set of skills and yet we worked together to bring out the best result. I don’t think I can find a group like that again. Alright, let’s not bring back the past anymore.

On my train ride back home today, I suddenly remember the time my wife and I spent together when we still in Poughkeepsie. The time when we spent the afternoon at the mountain reading, taking a nap and just talking about life. Just like that and now we’re spending our whole life together. I am not hearing any more noise up stairs. Duke and Dana must be sleeping already. I guess I should join them. Good night, cyberspace!