18 Months

You turned 18 months a couple days ago, but already behaving like a terrible two. We went out for dinner on Monday and not only you refused to eat, but also acted up when we didn’t let you play. You did the same on Tuesday when we were at a Vietnamese restaurant. You did much better when we were having dinner at home yesterday. I take that you enjoy staying home more so we’ll stay home from now on.

You talk and babbling quite a bit these days. You mix both English and Vietnamese. We’re trying our best to speak exclusively Vietnamese at home, but you also pick up English at school. Words you use the most are: “ball,” “bóng,” “more” and “Bac Tram”. “Ball” is your favorite word and you associate any rounded object to it. You call out “bóng” whenever you spot a balloon. We just love the way you accent that diacritical mark. You say “more” when you want more milk, which is your favorite diet. You can drink milk the whole day without food. As for “Bac Tram,” you just woke up one day and repeat the words for an hour or so. I can see why though. Bac Tram treats you really well; therefore, she must be your favorite auntie.

I am sorry that I can no longer dropping you off or picking you up from school. I have to leave before you wake up and I can’t make it back on time before you get out of school. I rely on your mom to handle both and I am feeling guilty about it. I deeply appreciate all of her work and you should be thankful as well. I am looking into moving you to a daycare near work so we could ride the train together. JCCVA is a great daycare and you are enjoying it. Your friends like you and your teachers adore you, but the location is not so convenience for me. We’ll see.