Eden Brent – Ain’t Got No Troubles

Looking for some good-old-time blues? Check out Eden Brent’s Ain’t Got No Troubles. Brent got some serious chops on the keyboard, particularly on “Let’s Boogie-Woogie,” but it’s her big, raspy pipe that makes her a sensational bluesmama. Her version of “My Man” is a reminiscent of Billy Holiday’s, but in a higher register and faster tempo. From the funky opening (“Someone to Love”) to the mellow closing (“Goodnight Moon”), the whole album is popping, yet the joint that gets me both bouncing and smiling is “In Love With Your Wallet,” in which she warns the old fool, “Oh daddy, oh daddy can’t you see? She’s in love with your wallet not your personality. / She wants a sugar daddy just to pay her bills / She’s barely middle aged and you are over the hill.”