Not Cool

Before leaving Las Vegas, I stopped by Target to return a cooler and 24-pack water bottles. Here’s a brief Q&A with the customer service:

Customer service: What is wrong with the cooler?
Me: Not cool enough.
Customer service: What is wrong with the water?
Me: Not cool enough.

The lady looked at me and was not amused. We bought the cooler to keep Dao’s milk, but it doesn’t do a good job of keeping the cool. As for the water, I couldn’t figure out the short reason. Whenever I return clothes, the simplest reason is: I don’t like it. I didn’t want to tell the lady the whole story about how my sister-in-law wanted to buy 2 cases instead of 1 even though we only stayed for a couple of days and she thought that we might needed them since we were planning on driving to California, but we didn’t. If I were to carry 24 bottles of water to the airport, I might not make it back to Virginia with all the security checks.