Loving and Leaving Las Vegas

This is our last night in Las Vegas. I am sitting on the 25th floor of The Palazzo looking at the gorgeous view of the Sin City. Duke is already deep asleep after a long day of walking and pushing his own stroller from The Venetian to Caesars Palace. For some reasons, he likes to push the stroller more than sitting on it. Maybe being born on the year of the water buffalo has something to do with it. Dana already sneaked out downstairs to spend some last minutes with the slot machines.

Taking a kid to Las Vegas results in some interesting experience. We need to find kid-friendly environment as well as taking turn to be with him while one of us was at the Casino. Dao discovered the slot machines as soon as we landed in Las Vegas. He loves anything that has buttons and spinning wheels. He also loves the view from the Palazzo’s window. Each morning he got up and ran to the window. He looked up on the sky and said “bay” if he saw an airplane. He looked down and said “xe” when the cars passing by.

Although we stay at The Palazzo (courtesy of my brother-in-law), my favorite spots are in downtown. I don’t have to burn too much cash to have a good time. Yesterday, I sat at the Pai Gow table for five hours with around 15 rounds of gin and tonic and only lost 100 bucks. In Atlantic City, $100 would have lasted in 10 minutes. I am not a big gambler and I set my limit is $100 a day. On Sunday, I hit a bonus for $100 so I treated everyone to dinner. After dinner, I went back and lost all of my bonus.

Gambling aside, Las Vegas is still my favorite spot for relaxing and enjoying Vietnamese food. There are places that even open twenty four a day so I could get some good pho any time. Ok, my brain is fried. My head is still spinning from yesterday’s alcohol. I better catch some sleep before we head back to Virginia tomorrow. Flying is a bitch and it gets even worse when you don’t have enough sleep. Good night, virtual world.