Simplexpression Succeeds at First Festival

Our first gig for Simplexpression did well at the 40th Annual Festival of the Leaves.

Since it was our first time, we didn’t really expect much. We would be happy even if we were to sell five items. Fortunately, we sold way beyond our expectation even though some of our competitors only sell items that were a fraction of our price. In addition, we only had a very limited collection. In fact, our display was so simple and spare that one of the customers asked, “Is this all you have?”

We only showcased a handful of selected pieces, but they stood out. The compliments were mostly “simple,” “beautiful” and “elegant.” We also sold quite a bit of our classic designs from our original web site. Big props to my sister-in-law for helping us out. She was great at creating the displays and greeting the customers. Thanks to Duke too for being such a good boy. He enjoyed the parade and running around our booth saying hi to our customers. I spent most of my time looking after him.

Of course, the show wouldn’t succeed without the creative designer who handcrafted these beautiful pieces late at nights. I am very proud of her and her work. I had fun and I am looking forward to future festivals.