Miles On Miles

In the introduction of Miles On Miles, a book that complies Miles Davis’s interviews, Paul Maher Jr. and Michael K. Dorr point out Miles’s favorite word:

“He plays like a motherfucker,” “my band is a bunch of motherfuckers,” “those guys are dirty motherfuckers,” “my legs hurt like a motherfucker during that tour,” “she’s a fine motherfucker.”

In an interview with John Palcewski, Miles offered his solution to end the Vietnam War:

“What we gotta do is draft all the bitches under twenty-five and send them over there. All kind of tough-lookin’ white bitches, with all that clean, white skin and blonde hair and big tits. When these cats read in the paper that a hundred of them get killed by the Viet Cong, the whole thing will be over in a day.”

Miles sure was something else.