No More George

Every morning you would say “George” when I sat you down for breakfast. You started to watch Curious George when grandma was taken care of you. What hooked me into Curious George is the incorporation of jazz. The episode that caught my attention was the one in which George and the dog were lost and they used their ears to find their way back. They remembered passing by the busker who was blowing his trumpet so they would listen that sound to figure out where they were at. Another episode was a band demonstrated the technique of singing at different tempos (from half time to double time). Another favorite episode of mine was the one George joined the family Latin band. He had to go around looking for a place for the band to play.

Yes, you pulled me into George and we could sit and watch him all day, but the conflict in schedule had prevent us from watching our favorite show. Still, I love it when I make the monkey sound “Uh uh ah ah” and you would repeat “ah ah.”