Rainy Day

Our trip to the zoo was cancelled due to the rain. We headed to the mall instead. We stopped at Barnes & Noble first so you could have the whole train table for yourself before other kids arrived. When we were there, however, three kids and their mothers already in the kid section. Like us, the rain had also ruined their plans.

Before you joined in, only the four-year-old boy at the train table and he had about five or six cars at one side of the table. You came in at the other side and only picked up one car and it happened to be one of the oldest and most beat-up cars on the track. Still the four-year-od ran over and claimed it. His mom taught him a lesson on sharing and she did a wonderful job. The boy didn’t listen so she took him home. They negotiated before she allowed him back in. He could only play with four cars. He picked the four new and fancy cars while you were still hanging on your old train. Another boy and girl joined the table and there were around three or three and a half. The three year-old-boy tried to snatch your car, but you held on tight to it and didn’t let go. His mom didn’t say nothing. He went over to the girl and snatch hers. The girl fought back and the push and shove occurred. At this point, the boy’s mom ran over to break them up. The girl’s mom were browsing at the books heard her daughter’s voice so she ran over. She made her apologize to the boy even though she didn’t do anything wrong. She obeyed her mom and said “I am sorry.” She even got a two-minute time out. I felt bad for her. On the other corner, the four-year-old boy was being nice and shared a new, fancy car with you, but you just held on to that old, beat-up car.

After sensing the boredom from you, I took you to the indoor playground, which was packed. The funny thing was that most of the kids who entered the playground took off their shoes, but the parents were walking around with shoes on. You didn’t like the playground much. Was it too crowded or you weren’t in the mood for it? You just kept walking out to the train station. I assumed that you wanted to ride the train so I bought two tickets and off we went. The driver drove us around the circle two times then dropped us off and picked up the next patrons. I can’t even imagine driving that train in the circle all day. Not sure how the guy does it.

We went to the food court for lunch. After checking all the different types of food, we went for Chinese. I thought you might like fried rice, but you didn’t. You made a huge mess, but didn’t eat much. By noon, both of us already bored with the train table and the playground so the only thing left to do was heading home. I gave you a bottle of milk and you only drank half before fallen asleep. I parked the car, but didn’t take you inside the house. The rain was still heavy so I didn’t want to wake you up or get you wet so we stayed in the car. I listened to Miles Davis and read The Last Miles while you were sleeping. I am as obsessed with Miles as much as you’re obsessed with milk. I got tired and dozed off as well.

You got up two hours later and we went into the house. I took you to bed and let you finish the left over bottle. Once you were done, you handed me the bottle and said, “more.” How could I say no too that even though mom told me not to give you too much milk so you could eat? You didn’t go back to sleep nor you wanted to eat. I thought we could do something productive together so we did laundry and cleaned the house. Your curiosity motivated me to spend time with you as well as getting something done around the house. Thanks for being such a helpful kid.