No Mommy No Cry

Taking you to school each the morning has been quite a pleasure experience. You push the buttons to open the doors. You swipe my card to check us in. You smile at the guard and the front desk lady. You greet Ms Tam, your wonderful Vietnamese teacher when she says, “Hi con!” You come to her and blow me kisses goodbye.

Yesterday, mommy took you in because I had to carry your box of diaper along with your lunch and milk. The result was that you cried and hung on to her. You didn’t want to let go. I took you to class today and again no crying. Mommy and I were joking in the car saying that kids don’t lie and you sure show who you love more. Your mom is very proud and touched by your affection for her.

Your school will be closed again tomorrow and Friday. I will take a vacation day tomorrow to be with you and I am looking forward to it. We should do something fun. Let’s hit the zoo. What do you think? Can you say “zoo”?