Out Sick

You’ve got mail. From your sweet new toddler teacher, Ms. Ester:


Just wanted to know how Dao is doing.
We missed him very much during the day, he is really adorable
Hope he gets better soon.
Send him my love
Have a great evening

What were you doing yesterday? You had a bit of breakfast at Panera Bread and then you and mom took me to work. After that you spent the beautiful day with mommy roaming free around the Monument. I joined you for lunch before you headed home and slept in the car. Mom and you came back to pick me up so I didn’t have to be jammed into the train ride.

Isn’t it great to hang out with mommy all day? But then again, you get to learn and interact with others while you’re at school. You’re very popular at the school and everyone knows that you scream the loudest in the morning for about five minutes, but the become one of the sweetest boys for the rest of the day who wave, dance and blow kisses to everyone. Thanks for being such a awesome kid.