Dam Vinh Hung – Nhung Bai Ca Khong Quen

Come on, Mr. Dam! I beg you to please give the old tunes a break. You’re sacrilegiously killing them. Your latest release Nhung Bai Ca Khong Quen is a double-disc full of fuck-up covers backing up by cheap productions.

You simply destroy “Hue, Tinh Yeu Cua Toi” with your fake-ass Hue’s accent. Bao Yen should kick your balls with her high heels for murdering her gorgeous “Chieu Ha Vang.” With all the money you have been making, you should spare some for the arrangement instead of wasting them on all that brand name clothes that make you look even more ridiculous. Most of the slow ballads are driven by programmed drums and irritating smooth saxophone lines. The mid-tempo production on “Loi To Tinh Mua Xua” is even worse. It’s the laziest groove I have heard.

Come to think of it, you simply don’t have an ear for beats. Your productions have been the same in all of your albums. The timeless tunes are indeed unforgettable, but your versions are immediately forgettable.