Sent Home

You got sent home on your second day in the toddler class. Your teacher called me and said you had diarrhea. I came to pick you up. I peaked inside the little glass window on the door and saw you we were playing by yourself. You caught me and immediately dropped everything and rushed to the door. What a great feeling that was.

You slept in the car when we were home so I had to carry you and the car seat inside the house. Your mom and I logged back to work while you were sleeping. I got some work done before you got up. You continued to play around the house while we were working. For being such a good boy, we took you out to the playground and had a fun, relaxing evening. One lady said that you have a face that could be kiss all day. I agreed all the way. Not just all day but all night too. I love kissing those soft cheeks of yours.

After the playground, we took home some Pho and you enjoyed it. You went straight to bed at 8:30. The play time must have worn you out. I don’t think you had diarrhea. We fed you milk, cereal and yogurt in the morning and the combination might have caused the liquidity. In any rate, you’ll get to spend the whole day with mom tomorrow. Lucky boy!