Present Cuisine Revisit

The first time I went to Present cuisine, I didn’t get a chance to try different dishes so I invited my in-laws back last Saturday for dinner. As I stepped into the restaurant, a hostess in traditional ao dai greeted me and set up the table for us.

We started off with the server’s recommendation: Banh Da Xuc Hen and Goi Hai San Trai Thom. The former was a bit too salty but decent. The latter was a bit sour. Canh Chua Ca was too sweet. Ca Kho To was way too salty. Bo Luc Lac was burnt. Muc Xao Chua Ngot was sour. After dinner, our throats were coarsen. I suspect MSG had something to do with it.

As much as I liked the service and the presentation, I doubt that I will revisit Present Cuisine for the taste.