Unescapable Hook

Do you have a couple of bars from a song that stuck in your head forever? If you were asked to sing a few lines right from the top of your head, what would roll of your tongue? For me this is it: “It’s a tragedy for me / To see the dream is over / And I never will forget the day we met / Girl, I’m gonna miss you.” I borrowed Milli Vanilli album from my cousin back in ’92 or ’93 and it stuck with me ever since, especially “Girl, I’m Gonna Miss You.”

As for Vietnamese, it has to be: “Em ơi nếu mộng không thành thì sao / Non cao đất rộng biết đâu mà tìm.” I can’t even recall when or how Lam Phuong’s Duyen Kiep stuck in my head.