Doan Phi – Thien Than Toi Loi

There are new releases that you can’t wait to jump right in, like a Tung Duong album. Speaking of Tung Duong, when do we expect a new joint? Then there are some new releases that you’re just not sure if you even want to give it a try, like a Duy Manh album. Doan Phi’s Thien Than Toi Loi is the latter.

Doan Phi is an entertainer and Asia brought him in just for that purpose. He is fun to watch. Who wouldn’t get a kick out of a little dude prancing around the stage like he has no spine in his body? As far as his vocal development, I have heard nada. Thien Than Toi Loi is not like a box of chocolate. Even without listening to album, you’ll already know exactly what you’ll get.

He hides his voice behind uptempo beats like “Quen Di,” “Membo Italian” and “Mua He Tinh Yeu.” He hardly gets out of his comfort register. The slow tracks including “Em Yeu Oi,” “Mot Trai Tim Mot Tinh Yeu” and “Giac Mo Tuyet Voi” show the whiny, feminine side of him. Trish joins him on “Tinh La Soi To.” With two of Asia’s weakest vocalists and a mechanical club production make this version the worse yet.

The release of Thien Than Toi Loi is like Asia throwing Doan Phi a bone for being with the production.