Acting Up

You sure know how to put on a scene if things don’t go your way. When you were about six months, you tried to bang your head on the floor when we don’t give you what you want. As a protective parent, I couldn’t let you do that to yourself. I stopped you and tried to calm you down. In return you took it for granted. One time I just let you bang your forehead on the hardwood floor and you immediately realized that your head is not as solid as the floor. You learned your lesson and stopped using that trick.

Lately you had found a new one. If you don’t like something, you would slide on the floor and kick your feet. You don’t just slide on any floor though. You run to the rug or carpet to do it. You figured it would be less painful to do it on something soft. We just got a kick of of you whenever you try to pull that off. It’s quite hilarious. We just laughed and you laughed back and forgot the whole misbehavior attitude. You’re quite a character, son.

Watching you eat Canh Kho Hoa (bitter gourd soup) today was quite a pleasure. Your aunt can’t take the bitterness of it, yet you just scoop it up and slurp it down. Now that is my boy. You also begin to be interested in books. You like me to read Dr. Seuss to you. Your current favorite book is Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. You like it when I make the “ditty dum dum” sound. You also have a great sense of rhythm and you could dance to any beat including Le Quyen’s version of “Han Mac Tu” and Thanh Ha’s version of “Tinh La Soi To.”