Thanh Ha – Chia Khoa Tinh Yeu

With a sultry voice and a voluptuous figure, Thanh Ha is a bitch of a singer. On her latest release, Chia Khoa Tinh Yeu, she tries to mind-fuck both your body and soul. On the front cover, she teases you with a plain, simple white dress that could easily pull right off. On the back, she’s already on the sheet in her arousing lingerie waiting for you to take her home and make luscious love to her.

With Roland Casiquin and Duc Tri holding down the board, Thanh Ha makes a huge success in making Chia Khoa Tinh Yeu sexy and fresh even though the repertoire is scattered all over the place, which prevents the album from being a booty-call soundtrack. You could probably get your groove on with the jazz-arranged “Dem Do Thi,” but how do you make love to the cha-cha “Sai Gon Dep Lam?” Sai Gon is hot as hell, especially in the summer, but you will piss off a lot of people if you try to make love to her even though she already lost her virginity to the other regime. I have no idea where I am going with this, but I like Thanh Ha’s effortless flow on both track.

If I were given the opportunity to shape the direction of the album, I would start off Chia Khoa Tinh Yeu with the seducing remake of “Tinh La Soi To.” The funk-rock production is perfect for a strip tease. Like what the lyrics suggested: “Hay biet hom nay minh van con nhau day / Neu lo mai sau tinh troi vao dang cay.” That’s right, no one knows where love will be at tomorrow. So just make as much love as you can today. Once the clothes are all off, I would slow down the vibe with “Soi Buoc Em,” a powerful, gorgeous ballad that showcases Thanh Ha’s soulful side along with the sensational “Hoai Cam” and “Mong Manh.”

If Thanh Ha could throw more slow, blues-jazz ballads such as “Tinh Lo,” “Noi Long” and “Mua Thu Canh Nhau” into the mix, this would have become a great baby-making album. You wouldn’t need to pay thousands of dollars for IVF. Just buy this album and play it again and again with your partner and you’ll guarantee to make a beautiful baby in no time. In a more serious note, Chia Khoa Tinh Yeu is a proof that Thanh Ha is, without a doubt, the one who holds the key when it come to love even though she also has the ignition.