Everyday you came home from daycare, you got food all over your clothes and even some stain on your face too. Seeing you holding the spoon feeding yourself, I could imagine how it all happened.

You’re showing your independence by not letting us spoon feed you anymore. You rather do it yourself even though most of the food makes on instead of inside your belly. Watching you focusing on getting the food from the bowl to your mouth is a real joy. You scoop up a little at a time and sometimes nothing in your spoon at all. With frustration, you just dump the bowl onto your face like you did today with Bun Bo Hue. It was also hilarious they way you torn up the pig thigh after watching me struggling with it myself.

In addition of feeding yourself, you also like to brush your teeth all by yourself. You got mad when I tried to help you out. I am liking the independent attitude of yours. Keep that up, son. Keep being independent. Keep smiling. Keep blow kisses. Keep weaving. Keep walking freely and explore anything that you find intriguing. Seeing you grow and enjoying your life are all that I could ever ask for from a father.