Sweet and Cool

Yesterday your teacher took our family photo (mommy, me and you) off the bulletin board in your class. The reason was that every time you looked at that photo you started to cry. What made you cry my dear? Did you miss us or something? We miss you just as much my dear and we always think of you when we’re not around you.

What puzzled me though was that last week you teacher told us that you proudly showed off the same photo of our family to other parents every time they come to pick up their kids. That was really sweet of you. I really love that photo because you worn a really cute red Vietnamese traditional ao dai aunty Tram made for you.

Speaking of photos, we took some pictures of you showing off your bad-ass haircut. Mommy thought you look like a punk and had lost your cuteness so she made me chopped it off. I like your bald cut too and she’s right you look very cute that way. Thank you for letting me play with your hair. Baby Miles is one of my favorite photos of you. You looked beyond cool. I made a big print last night. I hope that it will turn out right so I can frame it and post it on our wall.