Life-Long Lesson 1

Sixteen months, you’re at the age of learning and discovering. You learn to do things by watching us, like you know that before you brush your teeth, you have to water the toothbrush and put on the toothpaste. You also learn to be very passionate. I showed you how to kiss once and you picked it up. If I ask you to give me a kiss, you would put your lips on mine, then you turn to mommy and give her one as well. You also know how to blow a kiss when I blow one at you.

When I take you out, you would wave to anyone you see. You gave people a cute smile when they waved back at you. You look at bit disappointed when you waved at people and they don’t wave back at you, not because they are ignoring you, but they simply just don’t see you. Life will be like that when you grow older. You don’t always get what you want, but don’t let that get you down my dear. Things don’t always go your way, but don’t give up.

Keep on head up and keep your hands high. Be kind and be friendly. Keep your spirit up and you’ll live a much happier life. You’re a very charming boy and we’re very proud of you.